Welcome to Cherokee Ridge Jewelry Designs. I'm Tiffany, the artisan, designer, and creative force behind Cherokee Ridge Jewelry Designs.  Every piece of jewelry I sell has been designed and meticulously handcrafted by me.  

I used to do a lot of mining and would sell my material to others to be made into beautiful jewelry and one day I decided perhaps I should start making the jewelry myself.  So, I took a jewelry class and realized fairly quickly that I was really good at beating metal into submission and bending it to my will.  And, beating the living daylights out of a piece of metal with a hammer is a great way to get rid of stress...and cheaper than therapy.  I continued working on my craft and taking jewelry classes and began selling my jewelry at local art shows and various Native American functions and have had some of my pieces featured in galleries and boutiques.  

I'm primarily a metalsmith/silversmith and create my jewelry designs by sawing and hand forging my pieces from sheets of silver or base metals. I do all of my texturing by acid etching, hammering, stamping, or rolling mill.  I'm not a traditional artist who sketches out ahead of time what they're going to make.  My designs are in my head (it's pretty crowded in there!) and most times I don't know what I'm going to create until I sit down at the bench.  Some of my most beautiful pieces evolved from what started out as some of my biggest mistakes.  Through those experiences, I've learned that when I mess something up, don't give up and scrap the piece, instead, keep going and see where it takes me, because my ugly duckling just might emerge a beautiful swan.  

I'm a Cherokee Nation citizen and a certified Cherokee Artist with TERO certification as a bench jeweler, metalsmith, silversmith, and lapidary.  All of my jewelry is made by me, in my studio in California.  If you decide to make a purchase from me, I thank you in advance for supporting individual artisans who create handmade products.  I hope you enjoy your jewelry as much as I enjoyed designing and creating it!  






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